Alison's Fancy Scissors

Who is Alison? 

I love being a teacher, wife and mother. My addiction to crafting started before I can even remember, and has evolved and changed as I've grown up. I started scrapbooking as a young teen, and thus continued with many paper related arts and crafts. I love to do pretty much anything creative.

What's the location?

You can find me crafting in St.Louis, Saskatchewan, about a 15 minute drive outside of Prince Albert. I travel to Saskatoon, Prince Albert, as well as Choiceland often, so deliveries to these places can be arranged!

What's with the name?

One day, while deciding that my small crafting business needed a name, I enlisted the help of my husband, Steven (who lovingly puts up with my crazy crafting habit). He looks at my Cricut, a computerized die-cutting machine, and says "How about Alison's Fancy Scissors". And it stuck.

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