Alison's Fancy Scissors

Sour Cream Boxes

These boxes make perfect wedding or party favor, and look great at a table setting to serve as a place card AND a sweet treat for after dinner! Filling possibilities are your choice, but could include Hershey's kisses, candies, or keepsakes.

Pricing (without filling~5 in. long) :  $ 1.00

Please ask for a quote if you would like something different (size, more decorations, etc). These are very customizable!


Cake Boxes

Another great favor box! Sits approximately 2 inches high and 5 inches long. ( Pictured here with Cake in a Cup decorations) 

 Pricing (without filling) :  $2.50

NOTE: substantial discount given if you do not need box assembled, but would rather assemble it yourself. please inquire.                   


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