Alison's Fancy Scissors

Whether for Christmas, a birthday, a shower or just because... here are gift options for any occasion! Everything you see here is customizable to your specific needs.

Princess Pack

*Pricing has been updated to reflect the added features of this year's model!

Do you have a little princess in your life? These little packages include everything she will need to become a princess. All packs include a crown and glittery items inside. Prices vary depending on size and items inside the packages. 

contact for estimate

Cupcake Wrappers

50 styles to choose from in a multitude of colour combinations, make these the perfect fit for any occasion!

Cupcake/Cake decorations

Spell any name or occasion with personalized topper decorations. Different papers and colors will be used to match to your specified theme or preferences.

Characters (people or other images) can also be turned into cake decorations, as well as other themed decorations. Please inquire if you have a specific theme or holiday in mind!


Cupcake wrappers (top), toppers, or Letters (below) $0.50 each


Pack of 12

Paper People

Paper people play sports, have jobs, and even look like your favorite pop stars like Justin Bieber! Paper people can become magnets, cake decorations, notebook decorations, picture frames and more. Pricing depends on size and difficulty of assembly.

General pricing (for pre-made characters with magnet included)

4 " tall character     
$4.00 each or 
3 for $10.00

Paper People can be combined with other projects such as picture frames, cupcake decorations, or something of your choice. Prices will vary.

Snowman Poop 

These are a great stocking stuffer, with a little poem explaining what is inside. Prices vary depending on size of the bag and candy in the bags (possibilities include scotch mints, coconut jellybellies, and marshmallows)

*NEW:  other characters for different times of the year

- elf and reindeer poop

- cupid poop

- leprechaun poop

- Easter Bunny poop

- others


Small (top) $1.50 each

Medium (bottom) $2.50 each

Christmas gift tags

All tags are cut out at just under 3 inches tall. Packages include 2 of each design. Designs vary depending on paper colors and what you are looking for!


(sold in a package of 4)

1 package for $3.00

2 packages for $5.00

*Please inquire if you would like birthday or other occasion tags.

"Chill-Out" Cones

Know someone who needs to relax a little? These cute cones include all you need for a relaxing night at home: bath bomb, candles, hand towel, face cloth, lotion, etc.

NEW: Smaller versions that have 2 hand cloths, soap, bath salts and chocolates.


Large    $10.00 each (pictured)

Small       $5.00 each

Coming soon... Baby Chill Out cones!


Brag Box

5.00 each, themes vary


Hot Chocolate Holders

$2.00 each, inquire on savings for larger orders. Price does not include hot chocolate or apple cider.



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